Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC)

Federal program (CRA)

The main objective of the CPTC is to encourage Canadian programming and, more generally, to develop an active domestic film and video sector. The CPTC program provides a tax credit to qualified corporations that produce Canadian films or videos. The requirements pertaining to control ensure that the incentive is offered only to corporations under Canadian control.

The CPTC program provides a refundable tax credit at a rate of 25% of the labour expenditures of a qualified corporation for the production of a Canadian film or video. The qualified labour expenditures may not exceed 60% of the cost of the production, net of assistance. Therefore, the tax credit will not exceed 15% of the total cost of production, net of assistance. The CPTC may not be requested for a production that receives a Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit.

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