Our core business and speciality is financing refundable tax credits .

R&D Capital is a Canadian financial institution that specializes in financing federal and provincial refundable tax credits.

It was founded in Montréal in 2004 by Pierre Binette and Capital Benoit and quickly became the leader in its field. In 2006 it was recognized as a financial institution, as defined in the Taxation Act, by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the Agence du revenu du Québec (ARQ), thereby confirming its status as a refundable tax credit specialist. Since then R&D Capital has extended its operations to other provinces, notably Ontario and British Columbia. It operates three business offices, in Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto.

R&D Capital obtains its funds from a combination of institutional sources: banking funds, insurance companies and well informed savvy investors. It is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of prominent members of the business community.

Over the years, R&D Capital has developed innovative financial products to assist Canadian businesses with their refundable tax credits over the short and medium terms. It works in close co-operation with Canada's main financial institutions and consultants specializing in scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) to offer its customers outstanding professional service.

Its experts, who come from diverse background of finance, taxation and science, apply their expertise to ensure a quick refund of customers' tax credits so as to sustain their development and growth.

The team firmly believes in its responsibility as an expert and leader in refundable tax credit financing. It is actively involved in providing training and information, in accessible language, to entrepreneurs and professionals who prepare claims for Canadian companies.

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